Online Test Series Software

Online Test Series Software

Online Test Series Software

ScoreExam Online test series software is a platform that enables educators, trainers, and educational organizations to create, manage and conduct online assessments. It allows the design of multiple-choice questions, essay-type questions, integer-type questions, matrix-match questions, true/false questions, and other many types of questions.

The software robotic the grading process, saving time for the instructors and allowing them to focus on creating better assessments. It also allows for the design of customizable online test series, schedules, and reports, giving administrators and educators insights into their student’s learning progress.

ScoreExam Online test series software is commonly used by schools, universities, training and educational institutes, and organizations to conduct online test series, mock exams, and certification exams. It provides an easy-to-use interface for students and examiners and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

ScoreExam has all the latest features that should have in the best Online test series software
  1. Remote Proctoring- ScoreExam conducts online test series on a safe browser and uses video recording and live proctoring during exams.
  2. All Exam Templates- Our test series software sports all major exam templates like IIT JEE Mains, JEE Advance, Gate exam templates, NEET UG and PG Exam templates, CBSE Exam templates and all other exam templates are available.
  3. Test Reports- Our online test series software provides valuable insights and feedback on the performance of individuals or groups of test takers. These reports serve as an evaluation tool for educators to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the Students.
  4. Question uploading- Question uploading from Word, Excel, and manual upload is supported on our online test series software. Test uploading from PDF is also used to create and deliver exams quickly to students.
  5. Question Bank- The question bank feature is also available in scoreexam test series software you can reuse and previously upload questions in the question bank or test. Our free question bank software is a very easy-to-use and interactive tool to add questions it a test, question history

Frequently Asked Questions ?
How do I create an online test series?
Creating an online test series involves several steps. like 1. Create a test 2. Upload Question 3. Assign Test 4. Provide Detailed Analysis Report. scoreexam online test series software is incredibly simple for design to deliver exams online.
Yes, we provide white-label online test series software and an app.

Some of the other standout features offered by ScoreExam online test series software


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