Online exam Software for Board Exam

Online exam Software for Board Exam

Conduct your term 1, term 2 and final exam of your school CBSE based new pattern. In your application you can able to conduct MCQ type questions, Subjective questions along with multiple sections in each subjects . You can also have optional questions (out of 65 questions any 55 questions need to attempt) in each subject.

Now you can conduct online CBSE New Pattern Exam in your School App and web applications with your own school branding.

Advantages of Online exam Software for Board Exam
Type of Questions Supports.

This assessment tool comes with Online and offline mode both. So using scoreexam online exam software for board exams can help you to run your term 1 and term 2 assessment online. In online assessment students can access exams at their home or anywhere and take exam. Offline exam software where you can conduct assessment in you school computer lab or on tabs or on mobile.

Online Exam

Type of Assessment tool

Online Assessment tool

Online assessment tool help you to conduct your school term 1, term 2 exam through online where student can take exam from their home using Laptop, desktop, tab or in mobile app.

Offline Assessment tool

Offline assessment tool help you to conduct your exams on school lab computers without even a interment. It will help you to generate result automatically and fast. Which will save teachers time and maintain all records online.

Is Your School is ready with New CBSE MCQ pattern?

If your answer is no then ScoreExam online exam software for Board Exam will help you to setup it in affordable prices for your schools. We have cover all the features require to conduct online exam for cbse exam pattern. For your reference one of sample exam pattern given below.

Chemistry question instruction :-
The Question Paper contains three sections.

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