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What are Agniveers, CEE, Army GD, exam software?

A computer-based Common Entrance Examination (CEE) for recruits to the Indian Army's Agnives, Junior Commissioned Officers (JCO), and other positions were held at the beginning of the process.
Scoreexam's online exam software for the gd exam offers a comprehensive solution for administering exams and giving JCO and army gd candidates practise.

Online Assessment Software by ScoreExam

Our best online assessment software for army gd comes with a variety of features to meet your special requirements.

ALL In One Online Assessment Software for conduct army gd exams .

  1. Test Templates:- ALL Exam Pre-designed templates like IIT Jee mains and Advance, Clat,Neet,Gate, CBSC and other exam formatting.
  2. Test Creation:- Upload questions from your Ms. Word document that include illustrations, diagrams, and mathematical equations.
  3. Customization:- Flexibility for customize online assesment software. For your particular needs, we are ready to make alterations that are tailored.
  4. Question Bank Software:- question bank for storing and managing questions of large pool and categorized by subject, topics, difficulty levels and question type(mcq single, multiple, integer and other).
  5. Automated Grading software:- TThis software provides automatic grading for multiple-choice, integer, matrix match, and true/false questions. This function helps participants save time and receive immediate feedback.
  6. Manual Grading::-Our website has a function that allows you to upload your offline or manual exam grading. keep track of students' exam results and analyses from both online and offline sources.
  7. Subjective Questions Grading:-Capability to manually grade subjective questions, such as essays or short answers, with options for annotations, comments, and rubrics to ensure consistent and fair evaluation.
  8. Data Analysis:-Powerful analytics and reporting capabilities to produce thorough reports and insights from test results. This can include scoring distribution, item analysis, individual and group performance analysis, and trend tracking over time.
  9. Online Proctering:- Strict security controls to safeguard participant data, online assessments, and test integrity. This contains a variety of tools including encryption.

Practice Test Links For Online CEE Click here In the actual Exam,
In an online CEE exam, candidates typically log in to a secure online platform and are presented with multiple-choice questions or other types of objective-based questions. They select their answers by clicking on the appropriate options displayed on the screen. The exam is usually timed, and candidates must complete the specified sections within the given time limits.

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can we take army gd online test demo free?
Yes, we provide a free demo test for army gd, agniveer, CEE please call 86990 16311 for schedule free demo.

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