Common mistakes in online exams

March 09, 2019 By Score Exam Info Tech

Making mistakes is common while giving exams whether online or offline, but one should pay full attention and know how to avoid them as some mistakes are not pardonable and may prove bad for leading to elimination or rejection of your answer sheet. But it is not as difficult as it seems to be in fact easier than offline. Instructions may differ from exam to exam like one found in online exam software for gate may differ from online exam software for IIT JEE(mains & advance).The common one are given below you just only need to carefully read them to avoid them during exam.

Not reading the instructions carefully: This is the most common as well as avoidable mistake. Due to exam pressure and hurry of answering the questions students don’t read the instructions carefully and directly jump to the questions. But think how foolish it is! Suppose you have answered all the questions but in wrong format, Now what? Everything has gone vain. So don’t panic and take at least 40 seconds in reading the instruction and it’s also true that if have done this property than you can avoid almost 80% of the mistakes in one go. One thing more these instructions keep changing not often but sometime. So go through it once carefully.

Not attempting the question paper in a proper sequence or order: Remember everything done in a proper way always bears good result, especially in exams. You can score maximum if you know the tricks of attempting questions. It is not a rocket science anyone can do this. The only thing you need to do is answer those questions first which are easy or you think you can attempt them quickly and leaving the hard and difficult one to attempt later in remaining time.

Improper reading of questions: Due to lack of time students do improper reading of questions, some questions are confusing and you may answer wrong. Remember examiners knowingly put tricky questions to judge the mind of students; they want to know the question attempting skills of the students. Some answers seem to be easy due to their short length but they are not, they are designed to waste your time, leave them immediately. Examiner is testing your mind. Just answer those which you straight forward and require less time.

Lack of time management: Managing time properly while doing exams can do wonders. Otherwise it is scary to know attempting generally 60 questions in an hour. How can one devote only a minute in solving a question? Here comes time management tricks while is not planned during examination. It is done before exams while you are preparing for exams. It should be clear in students mind that that how much time will they spend solving a question. Don’t waste your time in solving lengthy or tricky questions. You can solve it later in leftover time, no worries. You don’t need to look at your watch again and again, a timer is also provided at the top of online exam software to help students.

Leaving answers blank: Something is better than nothing. We all know. So if there is no negative marking then instead of leaving any answer blank it is better to mark the most probable answer out of four options. Suppose you have few seconds left and some of your questions are remaining to be answered then mark them all before the time goes out. May be some of your answers are correct and you score more at the last moment. Just think if that last minute effort can help you qualify the exam, how pleasant it would be!

Mistakes while filling out details: It is the first thing you are asked to do in online examination software. According to the general format it first includes clicking on candidate login page then entering candidate’s user name and password and click login. Try to fill these details correctly in one go. It is not difficult at all. The only purpose is avoiding time wastage.

Not taking invigilators help: Suppose you are stuck somewhere and need help, obviously not regarding the answers but the some technical issues then don’t hesitate and call the invigilator quickly. They are there to help you.

Getting panic: This is the root cause of all the mistakes and problems. Once you get panic, you are likely to forget all your plans and strategies. So take a deep breath, revive your notes in mind, think about your time management, everything. There is no need to panic if you have prepared yourself well and gone through practice in the past few days. The more you give practice tests the more fearless your mind becomes and you get comfortable with the online exams. In fact if you not comfortable with a particular language then multi language online exam software can help you to give the exam in any language you prefer.

Not revising the answers before final submission: Think about the days when we used to revive our answer sheets before handling it to the invigilator. The same thing is here in online exams. Make sure you have answered all the questions and no one is left for review or to attempt later. Thus you can also know how many you attempted and how much you are likely to score.

Online exams are actually very easy to conduct, create and obviously to attempt also with the help of robust online exam software. Students unnecessarily take stress and get panic. The MCQs have eased the work completely. Chances of incorrect marking on OMR sheets have been minimized to zero which was the biggest issue for offline exam, managing time is easy now. In short it can be said that online examination system has solved almost all issues regarding exams.

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