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Online Examination Software Features

Students Management

Manage Students, Detail analysis report for Teachers, SMS / Email Notification, Package Assignment, Import / Export student list.

Live Exam Creation

Subject Based Timing and Locking - current IBPS pattern, Scheduled Exams, Non-Scheduled Exams, Re-Attempt option (student take exam more than once), Multi-Language exam support.

Question Creation

Easy to add/import questions from word/docq format as per different topics & subjects, Support Manual with Image question, Question with formulas, Manual with text question, Multi-Language question support.

Notification Management

Send custom notification, Customize users for getting notification, Instant notification, Share any types of upcoming news & events.

Open Registration

Generate lead, Generate more revenue, Make the registration easy & fast, Automated paid test allocation for paid users, Email/SMS confirmation.

Coupon Management

Generate coupon of any amount with validity date, Send coupon to any reseller/centre/franchise, Coupon amount with marketing and selling price.

Question Type

Single choice, Multiple choices, Numeric Based (For Gate), True & False, Fill in the blanks, Essay with Single choice, Essay with Multiple choice, Comprehension based.

Payment Options

Online payment by Net Banking/Debit/Credit Card, Offline payment at institution offices by Cash/Cheque/DD, Coupon code payment, Online/Offline/Coupon Transaction record, Payment confirmation by Email/SMS.

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Secure Video Streaming

Increase revenue from your videos
Videos streamed through Score Exam Info Tech player can't be downloaded using any Internet plug-in or software. Score Exam Info Tech provides the complete video streaming solution of e-learning for school, colleges, Educational institutions and businesses.
Video Feature

Proprietary encrypted video streaming technology ensures that no downloader, plugin can grab your content. Highest security from video piracy.

Video Feature

Dynamic controls to change video playback speed and to move video playback forward and backward

Video Feature

Reach to audience worldwide on every device. Apps for android systems. HTML 5 support for ease of playback.

Video Feature

Upload from desktop, mobile, dropbox, Server, url, ftp, vimeo. Use dashboard.


Score Exam Info Tech software convert all your study material PDF into booklet format.

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Gujarat University
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Online Examination Software by

ScoreExam InfoTech is a prime name in a field of online & offline assessment software and LMS because we are committed to the Endeavour of providing best tools for online exam software. ScoreExam InfoTech online examination software are widely approved and used in all over India. ScoreExam InfoTech provide complete bundle of LMS like online assessment, online practice software, video platform, books platform, video solution of test using q-point technology, quiz maker, previous year paper, and reads (current affairs distribution and other purpose).

Score Exam InfoTech also provide tool to seal all your assessment, videos, books, video solution online for students. We are providing white label website and mobile app for institutions and organizations.

Why Choose Score Exam Online Examination System?

Online examination system has proven its significance in the educational sector very well. No doubt, we all know, but things become more convenient and efficient when you know which online assessment software or online exam software is going to benefit you the most. ScoreExam is one such platform that has the capability of become your first and last choice and solving all your queries and doubts regarding online examination system. Here you can conduct multiple exams in a single platform like the most popular ones IIT JEE (Mains & Advance), NEET, GATE, PSU’s, SSC, BANK Clerical PO and other local exams in any language.

The tools provided in our online exam software or you may say online examination software like flexibility, user friendliness, robustness and bundle of LMS like online assessment, video platform, books platform, video solution of test using q-point technology, AI-driven self practices tool, quiz maker, previous year paper, and reads etc. are the most advanced and useful tools, designed by keeping the future needs of online examination in mind. Like making tests and creating exams has now become easier with our online test maker software and online exam creator software. Also we have all basic and advanced tools in like num pad, scientific calculator etc. in our online exam software for gate and online exam software for iit jee (mains+ advance).

What benefits institute gets using Our Online Examination Software?

Let me explain you in simplest language about the most essential benefits that institutes are likely to get in our online exam software. You are one step back to enjoy the most stable and secure online assessment software of India.

Online examination system has become the need of current examination system. To fulfills this need we keep providing the latest and advanced tools in our online examination software like AI-driven self practices tool for the institutions which is very significant must rarely found in other online exam software of the market, also you can upload bulk questions from word/page maker, anyone you like, bulk upload support for equations, diagrams, images and text, add question bank, get quizzes, current affairs, prev. year question paper, create multiple packages/test series and also sell it to outer students, Detail Analytics Report for Students & Admin, Branded Android App, free hosting and SSL certificate, multi payment gateway support and many other exclusive features.

The above described tools are completely beneficial for all those institutes and coaching centre who want to conduct online exam successfully and grow with the latest advancement in educational sector.

Importance of Online Examination System

Exams can be conducted in two ways online and offline, it depends on your whether you want to adopt the traditional way (pen and paper based) of conducting exam or want to make the task convenient and worthy by adopting online examination system. Some people still think that offline examination is better and going for using online exam software may prove expensive and problematic.

But the benefits of online examination software is not limited to few, right from the exam conduction to result generation you enjoy the task and complete it effortlessly. Some of the major benefits are you save time, money and paper, ill activities like cheating can be prevented i.e. high level security and privacy, instant and detail result generation, large number of students can give the exams at a time, no need of invigilators, exams can be conducted anytime, anywhere and from any device, accessibility, flexibility and most important you save lots of tree from cutting.

So if you are thinking to go for online exam software then it is going to prove a good decision for you not only in the present but also in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions ?
What is online exam software?
ScoreExam online exam software is a tool used to deliver and manage exams over the internet. It allows instructors to create, administer, and grade exams, as well as track student progress and performance.
Online exam software provides a range of benefits, including the ability to deliver exams quickly and efficiently, the ability to track student progress and performance, and the ability to grade exams automatically. It also provides a secure and reliable platform for delivering exams, with features such as IP tracking and secure encryption.
Yes, with online exam software, students can take exams from anywhere with an internet connection, whether they are at home, in a coffee shop, or on the go. This provides a level of flexibility and convenience that is not possible with traditional paper-based exams.
Yes, ScoreExam online exam software solutions include automatic grading features, which can quickly and accurately grade exams and provide results in real-time.
Online exam software is typically very secure, with features such as IP tracking and secure encryption to protect against cheating and ensure the integrity of exam results.
Yes, ScoreExam online exam software solutions integrate with popular LMS platforms, allowing for seamless integration with existing course content and student data.
Yes, ScoreExam online exam software solutions are optimized for mobile devices, allowing students to take exams on-the-go from any device with an internet connection.
ScoreExam typically includes technical support, with options for live chat, email, and phone support to help resolve any technical issues that may arise during the test.

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